International cooperation for building up national e-governance expertise


More and more countries are looking at e-governance as a tool to improve efficiency and transparency of government, boost economic growth and make life better for the citizens. Many development support projects have been focused on technology development but the problem has been the sustainability of these undertakings. Experience in implementing development aid shows that the most critical pre-condition for e-government development is the existence of active engagement and local knowledge in the recipient countries. It is not possible to implement e-government related projects and get positive impact in society without local knowledge (both in public and private sector) about the main frameworks of e-government. Also, without setting up proper organizational (institutions and coordination mechanisms) and legislative support for the development of e-government the goals are not achievable. The aim of the session is to discuss these issues, explain possible scenarios and give examples of existing best practice.

Session will discuss and seek answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the actions ACP countries can take in order to build up their local expertise in e-governance? Which countries have had the most experience with doing that already and what are the lessons learned?
  2. What cooperation models are available to help ACP countries develop their domestic e-governance expertise?
  3. What are the possible and best ways of developing local expertise? Options include:
    • Setting up local or regional Centres of Excellence (example Mauritius)
    • Sending local experts for (short and long-term) training in other countries with a commitment to contribute to their home country after they return
    • Developing curricula in local universities/ public administration schools and run training sessions for civil servants and business organizations
    • Setting up international mentoring frameworks to help knowledge transfer of e-governance
    • Others…?

Moderator: Linnar Viik


Who is the Conference for?

Government decision makers and strategists from countries implementing national e-Governance strategies,

Donor organisations supporting development of open, transparent and efficient governance practices via IT solutions

Companies developing e-Governance applications and assisting governments with their implementation

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