The Mozambique eGovernment and Communications Infrastructure Project

Mozambique eGovernment and Communications Infrastructure Project (MEGCIP): Results, Impact and Lessons Learned

Presented by Prof. Doutor Eng. Lourino Alberto Chemane

The Mozambique eGovernment and Communications Infrastructure Project (MEGCIP) is an initiative funded by the World Bank and implemented by the Government of Mozambique during the last six years (2010-2016). The MEGCIP main objectives were: first to support of the extension of geographical coverage of data communications networks and reduction of data communication services; second to promote the use of eGovernment platforms, applications and services to improve the provision of public services and the participation of the citizen in the governance of the country.

The objective of this presentation is to share the results of the activities implemented in Mozambique as part of the MEGCIP, including the lessons learned. It will also cover the alignment of the initiatives supported as part of the MEGCIP with the Government of Mozambique ICTs and eGovernment policies and strategies, including the challenges and perspectives of the implementation of the Government of Mozambique eGovernment Interoperability Framework. Another dimension of this presentation will be to share the experience of managing a complex project like MEGCIP that combined technical assistance, connectivity (infrastructure), and eGovernment components, within a context of a developing country


Who is the Conference for?

Government decision makers and strategists from countries implementing national e-Governance strategies,

Donor organisations supporting development of open, transparent and efficient governance practices via IT solutions

Companies developing e-Governance applications and assisting governments with their implementation

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