Hon. Mrs Catherine Hughes, M.P
Minister of Public Telecommunications

Catherine Andrea Hughes (Cholmondeley) was born in Georgetown, Guyana and is a former student and head girl of St. Rose’s High School.

Ms. Hughes attended the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus where she graduated with honours with a degree in Mass Communications, after which she pursued postgraduate training in Management, Training and Development in Liverpool, England.

After university, Cathy as she is fondly referred to, began her professional career as a Television Producer gaining extensive knowledge of the Caribbean media and advertising environment over a twenty-five year period.

Cathy Hughes has worked in the media in Guyana, the Caribbean and internationally. She commenced her career as a TV news reporter in Jamaica, then worked as a freelance radio reporter with the BBC’s Radio Merseyside in Liverpool, England and subsequently as a television producer for the Local Edition of CNN’s Headline News in Texas, USA.

Ms. Hughes returned to Guyana in 1993 and established Videomega Productions, a state of the art digital video production facility and advertising agency with a strong reputation in the production of high quality documentary programming.

Over the years she has served as Director of several family owned businesses including a thriving law practice, a boutique hotel and a jazz club.

Catherine Hughes has always been a vibrant and outspoken speaker on social, economic and political issues in Guyana as well as an active participant in several non-governmental organisations. These included as a founding member of Guyana Is First, a movement dedicated to uniting Guyanese across the racial and political divide, and as executive member of Women Against Violence Everywhere,WAVE, dedicated to fighting violence against women.

But Cathy Hughes is probably best known as an advocate for the development of Guyana’s tourism industry. She served two terms as President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana, a private sector organisation dedicated to the improvement of the Tourism industry.

In 2005 Cathy Hughes played an integral role in the formation of the Alliance For Change, AFC, a new political party, which challenged the two major – parties, which had dominated and defined the political landscape of the Guyana for over fifty years. The AFC enjoyed unprecedented success in its first electoral outing gaining a historic five seats. The message of the AFC was unity.

In 2011 Ms. Hughes was elected a member of the National Assembly, Guyana’s Parliament where she was appointed a member of the Foreign Relations committee a position she held until the National Assembly was prorogued as result of a “no confidence” vote led by the AFC.

After the historic General Elections of May 2015, which saw a change of Government in Guyana after twenty-three years, the Alliance For Change became a formidable strategic partner in the new coalition government.

Cathy Hughes was then entrusted with responsibilities of Minister of Tourism where she enjoyed considerable success in transforming the Ministry and increasing the profile of the country internationally.

In January of 2016 her portfolio was expanded when Cathy was appointed Guyana’s first Minister of Public Telecommunications, a position held by few women in the ICT field in the Caribbean and internationally.

Minister Hughes is committed to promoting and implementing Government’s vision of increasing the use of Information, Communication Technology – as a critical component in Guyana’s development agenda.

Ms. Hughes is currently focused on creating a digital government, and increasing broadband and internet connectivity in the transformation of Guyana.

Cathy Hughes continues to be excited about Guyana’s future.



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